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Jackson Parish Clerk of Court Joins Statewide Portal

In an effort to remain current and up-to-date in this rapidly changing world of technology, Jackson Parish Clerk of Court has decided to become a member of the Louisiana Clerks’ Remote Access Authority (LCRAA). LCRAA was created and authorized by La. R.S. 13:754 in 2014. It is a state entity authorized to design, construct, administer, and maintain a statewide portal of records that are maintained by parish Clerks of Court.

The statewide portal provides secure remote access by internet users to records maintained by Louisiana Clerks of Court. This new feature will enable the public to have free internet access via the statewide portal to indices of conveyance, mortgage, and marriage records of participating parish Clerks of Court. Once the user conducts his/her search of the indices on the statewide portal and locates the record that he/she would like to access, the portal will allow the user to connect to the website of that specific Clerk of Court office. Also, in accordance with the statute, each member of LCRAA shall collect a fee of five dollars on each document recorded in the office of the participating clerks, excluding UCC’s and marriage licenses. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I hope that our office is “live” on the portal by Friday, November 4th.

As your Clerk of Court, I pledge to continue to offer the most affordable, up-to-date technology that will be of utmost benefit to the public. We will strive to ensure that the public records in this office are maintained in a manner that will guarantee their longevity for generations to come. For further information the web address for the statewide portal is www.laclerksportal.org.

Please feel free to visit our office at any time, or give us a call if you have any questions regarding the portal or any other matters. We are here to serve. This is YOUR office.

Thank you,

Laura H. Culpepper
Clerk of Court