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Our office has two main departments that we classify as the “Suit Department” and the “Recording Department”. Each of these Departments has several divisions of responsibility.

Civil Department
The Civil Department receives, files, records and processes all claims between individuals and/or entities. This department also prepares the civil court docket and maintains the minutes of the Court.

  • Small Claims & Civil Suits
    An individual may file any money claim under the amount of $2000 on the Small Claims Docket; all other claims are filed under the Civil Suits.
  • Probate
    These records include successions, interdictions and emancipations.
  • Adoptions
    Adoption records are not public.

Criminal Department
The Criminal Department receives, files and processes all suits filed by the District Attorney on behalf of the State of Louisiana against individuals who are charged with breaking the law or are indicted by a grand jury. This department also maintains the minutes of the Court.

  • Criminal Suits
    These records include all felony and misdemeanor charges.
  • Non-Support
    These suits are filed by the State to assist custodial parents in collecting child support.
  • Traffic
    This docket includes citations issued by law enforcement agencies in the Parish.
  • Juvenile
    Juvenile Court is closed court and the records are not public.

The Recording Department receives, files and records all land records, UCC filings and miscellaneous documents.. They issue marriage licenses and birth certificates.

  • Mortgages & Conveyances
    These records include all land records.
  • Miscellaneous
    These records include bonds, oaths, affidavits, discharges and other records not directly related to land.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
Uniform Commercial Code filings are mortgages on movables excluding automobile titles. These records are retained by the Clerk and an abstract is sent to the State.

Officer of the Court
As an officer of the Court, the Clerk is responsible for attending each session of Court, swearing witnesses and keeping the minutes of the Court.

  • Jury Selection
    The Clerk of Court, assisted by members of the Jury Commission, is responsible for selecting the jury venires for both civil and criminal jury trials.

Marriage Licenses
The recording department issues marriage licenses and has a record of marriage licenses issued in Jackson Parish since 1880.

The Jackson Parish Clerk is a passport agent and can notarize your passport application.

Birth Certificates
The recording department can assist you in obtaining a certified copy of your birth certificate if you were born in the State of Louisiana.


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