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Jackson Parish Clerk of Court - Laura H. Culpepper, Clerk
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Laura H. Culpepper

Jackson Parish Clerk of Court

PO Box 730

500 East Court Street, Courthouse Room 103

Jonesboro, Louisiana 71251

Phone: (318) 259-2424 Fax: (318) 395-0386


ACT 173 of the 2017 Regular Legislative Session

Effective August 1, 2017

A "document" is defined as those pages presented together for filing or recording, inclusive of the act, together with exhibits, riders, or additional documents attached thereto, including but not limited to powers of attorney, property description exhibits, tax certificates and researches, mortgage certificates, resolutions, certificates, and surveys, R.S. 13:844(B)(1).

Every document filed for recordation shall be captioned as to type of act on the 1st page and shall have on the 1st page a margin of 2” at the top and 1” at the bottom and sides. The type size shall not be less than 8 point, R.S. 13:844(B)(2).  Documents to be recorded may be either 8 ½” x 11” paper or 8 ½” x 14” paper.

                Documents to be recorded in 1 index type (fees are assessed separately for each recording book):

           1 to 5 pages                                                                                          $105

           6 to 25 pages                                                                                        $205

           26 to 50 pages                                                                                      $305

           51 or more pages                                                           $305 for the first 50 pages                                                                                                                     +$5 per additional page

                This includes up to 10 names indexed, a certified copy, and the LCRAA Portal Fee.


      Index Fee after the 10th name                                                                          $5 per name

      Paper size larger than 8 ½” x 14”                                                                     $20 per page

      Debtor Fee (No SS # or Tax ID)                                                                       $25 per debtor



      Cancellation/Partial Release (single cancellation)                                                    $55

      Cancellation/Partial Release (multiple cancellations)                    Based on per page fee above



      Affidavit of Identity       

         Judgment or lien prior to 07/01/12         $23 + ($6 for each addt'l page + $3 for each addt'l name) 

         Judgment or lien after 07/01/12                                                                      $0           



      Maps/Plats oversize:

           1 page + oversize charge                                                             $125

           This includes up to 10 names indexed.                   $5 per name after the 10th name



      Notice of Repossession                                                                   $75



      Copies                                                                                         $1          

      Conformed Copy                                                                         $5 + copy fee

      Certified Copy                                                                             $10 + copy fee

      Postage                                                                                      Actual Amount

      Notary Fee                                                                                  $10


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©2005 Jackson Parish Clerk of Court
©2005 Jackson Parish Clerk of Court
Room 103, Courthouse Building
500 East Court Avenue
P.O. Box 730
Jonesboro, LA 71251
(318) 259-2424
(318) 395-0386 (fax)

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Laura H. Culpepper, Clerk